We are excited to announce that gnomAD has been included in the inaugural list of Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBR). GCBRs are selected by the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) and are high quality biodata resources that are critical to life science and biomedical research and used worldwide. An important feature of all GCBRs is that they support open data sharing, a value that has been central to gnomAD since its launch in 2014.

GBC was formed to ensure the long-term sustainability and availability of critical global data resources, and GCBRs participate in ongoing discussions on these topics and on other elements of good practice for biodata resources. These conversations and collaborations will be vital to creating better infrastructure and support for biodata resources.

To learn more about all the 37 resources to be selected as GCBRs, the GBC, and its mission, you can read more here.